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Swarna Lakshmi.G

The Synergist

Swarna is Anubhavi’s powerhouse and the operational wonder woman. Apart from juggling with numbers and playing with science kits, she has steered teacher teams from various schools in the right direction. Co-ordinator, examination officer, curriculum head, classroom teacher and now a co-founder of Anubhavi, Swarna has successfully adorned multiple roles in the past decade. A Chemistry graduate with an Education degree in teaching Math and Science, she has also received an International Diploma for teachers and trainers from the University of Cambridge. During her free time, you will find Swarna cooking the most exotic dishes in her kitchen or driving around the peaceful roads of Chennai.

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Anusha Padmanabhan

The Dynamite

Regardless of how vague a topic might relate to History you can bet that Anusha’s interests are instantly tickled. This young biotechnology professional is a co-founder and the creative mastermind behind Anubhavi. A born leader, she has been involved in leading and mentoring teacher teams and designing curriculums in the past decade. Her high energy levels have enabled her to teach Life Sciences, Language, History and Earth Sciences in multi-ethnic classrooms for various grade levels. She holds an International Diploma for teachers and trainers from the University of Cambridge. The word travel is synonymous to Anusha and she can be found in some of the most exciting and bizarre locations around the world.

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Shakthi Seshadri

The Synergist

An in and out blogger and an avid reader, mainstream and monotony are two words that you wouldn’t find in Shakthi’s dictionary. A Computer science graduate and masters in Business, she teaches Language and Mathematics at Anubhavi. Legend has it that Shakthi drew her inspiration for teaching when she volunteered with a non-profit to tutor visually impaired students. When she is not developing lessons plans, you can find Shakthi humming her favourite tune or engaging in a philosophical discussion.

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Aishwarya Venkataramani

The Vibrant

Aishwarya brings sunshine to any space that she is present in. Her eagerness and enthusiasm to work with children reflects in her lesson plans that are avant-garde. With a degree in Journalism, she teaches Language and Math at Anubhavi. Tutoring a small group of Grade 12 students helped her identify her innate passion for teaching. Outside of Anubhavi, she handles the pen like a surgeon with a knife and is six Indian states short of her goal to completely travel across the expanse of our nation.

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Priya Raghunath

The Teacher

Priya - With more than a decade of experience in teaching, she is honored with the “Best Teacher Award” from South Clusters, Chennai Chapter. She handles the Reading Session in Anubhavi. She worked as a language teacher in reputed educational institutions. She coordinated and designed curriculum for Primary classes. She is experienced in coaching teachers for Primary sections. She is very much interested in designing curriculum and Spoken English.

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Krishna Kumar

Debate Coach

Dr. S.Krishna Kumar (KK) - Debate Coach, Anubhavi. He coaches students for various international debate tournaments. He is the Founder-Member, Artistic Director & Chief Mentor of at Masquerade, the Performance group which is active since 1993. He brings 25 years of theater, 15 years of training tweens, teens, youth in the theater. Also, he teaches English, Theatre, and Literature for a wide spectrum of learners for more than a decade. ​

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Meenakshi Krisnaraj

The Young

Meenakshi, Vibrant debate coach of Anubhavi. She has won several awards including the finalist of the Indian Schools Debating Society in 2013 and qualified for Team India tryouts. She has designed the curriculum for Public speaking and also teaches Public speaking and debating to students of class 9 & 11 at the NSN group of schools, Chennai, as part of their co-curricular activity (since 2015). She has published articles in International magazines since 2014. Currently, she is doing her third year in B.Sc International Relations with the University of London International programs.


Anubhavi is an after-school learning centre located in Teynampet and caters to children of the age group 5-15years. At Anubhavi, we customise age-appropriate programs based on the need and ability of every child. All our programs help to add to the learning at school, develop thinking and problem-solving skills, and spark curiosity and love for learning. Our programs focus both on academic and non-academic areas.


When a child walks in for admission, these are steps that are followed before the sessions commence –


Firstly, the senior staffs meet the parents for a detailed chat about their requirement and about the child.


Secondly, the child interacts with an assigned faculty at Anubhavi so that we get to know the his/her interests and needs from his/her perspective


Next, the child takes a guided diagnostic test to help the faculty understand the strengths and identify the areas to be developed


After thorough evaluation, a unique curriculum is prepared for the child that is tailor made based on his/her abilities, levels and needs.


After discussing the prepared curriculum with the parents and the child, the sessions are scheduled through the working week based on available timings.


Anubhavi offers programs in Math, English language (reading and writing) and Science. We also train students in public speaking, debate and theater.


Math ∏rates Program
Grade Level/Class: 1 – 8
Duration: 12 classes/month


Divide and Conquer
Grade Level/Class: 5 and 8
Duration: 8 classes/month


Grade Level/Class: 1 – 8
Duration: 8 classes/month


Once upon a time...
Grade Level/Class: U.K.G – 3
Duration:12 classes/month


Writers United
Grade Level/Class: 1 – 8
Duration: 8-12 classes/month


SMS - Science made Simple
Duration:8 classes/month


Grade Level: 3 - 12
Duration:8-12 Classes per month



Meet the team of teachers at Anubhavi who facilitate learning and mentor the students.

team member Swarna Lakshmi
team member Anusha
team member Shakthi
team member Aishwarya
team member Priya
team member Krishna Kumar
team member Meenakshi


Student Testimonials

Anubhavi is like another home for me. Learning is fun and exciting here. The teachers are fun and filled with new and innovative ideas to teach. They work on your weaknesses so well that you end up liking the subject. This is how Anubhavi has helped a lot of children. I am proud to be a part of it.

A second home where you feel comfortable.
Better fun than the playgrounds.
More freedom to laugh and sing.
The best place to become Ruskin and Ramanujam.

Paintings on the wall,
A big study hall,
Children sitting and learning,
Some are yawning!
There are four aunties,Who love to teach and party.
I love to learn here,
I have many peers.
Come here soon
You will get a boon.

Anubhavi has improved my style of learning a lot and has made everything easy. Learning is fun at Anubhavi! Here the aunties help us build skills by focussing on our weak areas. They do not teach us our school work. School work is a completely different concept which is handled only in tuitions, not at this learning centre.
A – Amazing
N – Number 1
U – Unique
B – Believe
H – Happy
A – Awesome
V – Versatile
I – Innovation

Anubhavi is a great place to learn. All the teachers are full of energy and are excited to teach. I have overcome my fear of learning and I am very happy.

Very resourceful learning at Anubhavi! I can use the writing skills I learn here when I grow up and go to an office, since writing is a part of every job!

Parent Testimonials

I have been sending both my kids (age 10 and 6) to Anubhavi. I am very happy to see a remarkable improvement in both of them. The way the teachers approach the learning is an art of its own. My kids love going to the classes and look forward to the next class after they come back home.


At Anubhavi, we are always interested to work with passionate people looking for a new challenge every day.

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Call us at 9940025361/9962555953.

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